Sparkle Sleepovers

The ultimate stylish teepee experience!

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What exactly is a Sparkle Sleepover?

Hire our gorgeously styled handcrafted teepee's for your child's sleepover. You can choose from our beautifully patterened themes plus extra special touches to add some sparkle to your sleepover party.

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What's included in a Sparkle Sleepover?

Each teepee frame is hand crafted from oak and we offer many different themed covers. All our mattresses are made from high-quality foam and come with covers and waterproof sheets. Also included is a breakfast table with lantern, cushions, pillows and blankets as well as soft mood lighting (fairy lights, lanterns or feature lights) as well as themed accessories and a complimentary games-hamper. We also send you out some sleepover invitations as part of the package too prior to your sleepover.

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Sleepover Teepee Invitations

Included in your Sparkle Sleepover package is invitations. We will post these out to you prior to your sleepover at no extra added cost. Perfect to fill in & send out to your teepee sleepover guests. We have both a boy's version & a girls & both can be viewed in full on our Sparkle Sleepover Gallery.

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What events are best suited for a Sparkle Sleepover?

We cater for all sorts of events such as Birthdays, Christmas, summer holidays, best-friend parties and anything that's worth celebrating! Themes can include flamingos, camp-fires, scouting, teddy teepee adventures, unicorns, Christmas, Boho & more!


Just a sleepover?

Absolutely not, we even bring the sparkle! We provide you with a complimentary entertainment hamper at no extra charge so you can keep the fun happening for as long into the evening as you like. Filled with kid friendly games, crafts, fun & all around general silliness before it's finally time to go to snuggle down in their teepee. 

Spin the wheel to see which challenge each child will land on? Make your own movie, do some karaoke, build some fun crafts, answer some silly questions & so much more. We even provide you with a video camera to record all the fun & we will send you a personalised commemorative dvd for the kids to treasure & remember the fun they had at their special teepee sleepover. 

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Do I have to do anything?

In a word... No! We do it all for you. We come to your house and set up the teepees in order that they fit the space provided properly and then decorate with themed accessories. We'll create the right ambience by using safe battery powered lighting and ensure everyone is comfortable. Then we'll make sure the party gets off with a sparkle!

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How much do Sparkle Sleepovers cost?

Sleepover hire prices vary on how many teepees you would like to hire & start from £80 for 2 teepees. Please see our price list. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have and to check availability.

1 teepee   -  £40.00

2 teepees - £80.00

3 teepees -  £110.00

4 teepees - £140.00

5 teepees - £160.00

6 teepees - £180.00*

*Extra teepees £30 each

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Teepee Set Up/Set Down

Teepee Hire is overnight until the next morning, we generally set up between 3/4pm & set down between 10/11am the following day. We will arrange mutually convenient times with the hirer directly. We can set up our teepees at any indoor venue, your home, wedding venue, holiday home & more as long as space permits.  

We also do ask that no children are present whilst we set up so as to allow us the space to work and create their dream sleepover and of course not to ruin the surprise! 

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What is the suitable age range for a Sparkle Sleepover?

Our Teepee sleepovers are for children aged of 3 years and over. Children will require constant supervision and it's the hirer's responsibility to maintain adequate standards of health and safety throughout the sleepover duration. Teepees suitable up until the age of 13 years.

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New Addition! Our beautiful lace teepees

Take a look at our latest addition. Our stunning new lace teepees are perfect for a best friend or sibling sleepover. Snuggle in for a night of giggles, fun & games. Available in a wide range of themes & suitable from younger girls to older tweens.
£80 for one lace teepee suitable for 2 children with two mattresses & accessories provided for 2 children per teepee. (All of our special perks are still included such as sweet treats, invitations & entertainment hamper!)

Drop us an email here for a booking form and we will get back to you shortly.