Hygiene Policy

The boring stuff you may find, but nevertheless the important stuff we want you to know. 

Sparkle & Co. always puts yours & your child's hygiene at the forefront of our mind whilst sparkling North Devon.

A few small examples as follows to show how much we care:-

- Glitter Tattoo stencils are never used twice to avoid cross contamination.
- Face Paint sponges are always used only one per child, so we always have fresh available. 
- The paints we used are all safe & suitable for the skin.

- We will only paint clean, healthy & willing children.

- All of our facepainting brushes are kept in tip top condition & regularly sterilised, replaced if needed. 
- We regularly change our brush water, we don't like dirty water! 
- Our braids are done by our very own FULLY QUALIFIED Hairdresser Lauren, who will also teach you how to take the best care of whichever braid you choose & safe removal tips.
- We only use SAFE COSMETIC GLITTERS, that are highly tested & suitable for your faces, young or old. 
- Biodegradable Glitters are available on request.
- We teach you how to safely remove braids & tattoos.
- We will not tattoo or face paint under 3 years old due to possible allergies unknown in their young skin. 
- We do our best to keep little fingers out of our kit ;-)
- We are fully insured

Behind the scenes we spend a lot of time, effort & research working on & taking care of our various kits, making sure everything is safety compliant, clean & fun for you. We are always working on something new too. We use a combination of excellent high quality products to bring you the high quality service you expect from our ladies. 

💎 Team Sparkle 💎


Food Hygiene Rating

Team Sparkle offer delicious sweets & chocolates as part of our various party packages as prizes & for party bags, goodies for sleepovers & treats for our picnics. 
We are pleased to have been awarded a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating so we can bring you high quality sweets & goodies to your parties & celebrations.
Parental responsibility is always advised in checking the suitability of the sweets offered at our parties for your child.
We hold a full list of ingredients available at any time for you.